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Biographical Sketch

Dr. Palumbo, Ph.D. works internationally to provide children living in traumatic conditions, opportunities and materials for play . As Dr. Silly he has created adapted play materials for handicapped children, special education teaching materials, therapeutic play programs for homeless, hospitalized and traumatized children. His children's radio show is broadcast by college and public radio stations as well as web carriers. Dr. Silly's Play-Care Programs

have provided thousands of children with the chance to play and develop through the mobile play centers and toy donations.

Trained as a social worker and psychologist, Dr. Palumbo taught at several international universities before training as a puppeteer at the French

Marionette Academy. After working as a professional, he collaborated with European colleagues and founded The Puppet Therapy Institute USA (NP), to develop and promote their use in the care and education of children . The Institute now conducts yearly professional seminars at Dr. Palumbo's Vermont farm in the Northeast Kingdom, where he also joins Native American tribes in promoting play services for local children and families.

 As a trauma specialist he promotes prevention programs for at-risk children and families in schools, hospitals and mental health centers. He continues to promote Dr. Silly's motto: " People who play together, grow together" through his international child-care projects and broadcasts.