Say No to Drugs

Dr. Silly's social service projects are extensions of the "play together, grow together" maxim. Puppets have been used as part of social service presentations since ancient times and Sr. Silly public health education efforts follow this long established tradition.

The "Say No to Drugs" national campaign was created to persuade children that drug use was dangerous and ultimately harmful. In these photos, high school students who were part of the local Youth Leadership program, were trained by Dr. Silly and the art teacher, to create a public health education event for elementary school children.

After a week of after school practice, they toured the elementary schools presenting an hour long program of music, puppetry and dialogue about drugs to their young audiences.

Success was measured by teacher feedback about post-production student behavior and audience reaction. Every performance was enthusiastically received and when the performers ate lunch with the kids, they were surrounded by kids who wanted their autographs!